What is a smart office?

A smart office is a workplace where modern technology is leveraged to help employees work smarter, better, and faster.

This can be achieved by clearing the way of hurdles for the employees. By removing menial tasks and unnecessary obstacles – activities that drain time and energy from the workforce – smart office solutions lets employees focus on what really matters.

Typically, a smart office solution consists of a suite of technologies that connect with the employees, the building, and the existing IT infrastructure to achieve these goals.

Benefits of a smart office

The smart office is a paradigm shift when compared to the traditional office. The change to a more connected, digitally enhanced workplace will make life easier for a wide variety of people in the workplace.

  • Boost productivity

One of the most popular reasons for implementing a smart office solution is to improve the productivity of the organization. It’s really quite simple: for example, by making it easier to carry out menial tasks like finding and booking meeting rooms, less time and frustration is spent on non-work.

  • Better use of office space

Almost 30 percent of booked meeting rooms end up unused. By identifying no-shows, and predicting potential no-shows, smart office solutions can eliminate no-shows and free up space.

  • Improve collaboration

Smart office solutions make it easier for employees to meet up and find space for impromptu meetings. An organization where collaboration is encouraged is more likely to tap into the creativity and ingenuity of its workforce.

  • Actionable utilization insights

How a workplace is intended to be, and how it is actually used are two different things. Smart office solutions can help managers understand which rooms or office configurations are the most or least popular. This data can fuel decisions to improve the workplace.

  • Attract and retain

A situation where employees feel bogged down in a 20th-century workplace with pre-historic ways of doing things is a sure way to scare away new recruits and current staff. By providing modern smart office solutions, companies can provide an employee experience that helps attract and retain employees.

  • Improve the well-being of staff

When staff don’t need to sweat the small stuff, they have more time to concentrate on the bigger, more important things. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter – getting more done with less stress, and less effort.

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