Alexander At’Ta Associates, Inc. (AAA) is a consulting firm that specializes in program and project management services. They offer customized solutions for business process management re-engineering to improve measurable performance. Their approach includes training leaders, managers, and supervisors on effective techniques for engaging staff while reducing loss of productivity, eliminating communication gaps, and driving measurable organizational change. AAA uses data analytics, organizational assessments, and evaluations, and written reports to transform the working environment, improve human capital performance and productivity, and align with the organization's vision and mission. They work both remotely and on-site with clients to ensure seamless integration of their services and culture, becoming an integral part of the client's team and driving consensus and collaborative success.


  • Strategic planning and alignment: AAA helps organizations align their goals, resources, and actions to achieve their strategic objectives.
  • Organizational assessments, evaluations, and transformations: AAA uses data analytics and written reports to evaluate the organization's current state, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan to transform the organization to align with the mission and vision.
  • Data analytics for data-driven performance reviews: AAA helps organizations to use data to understand their performance and make data-driven decisions.
  • Business process re-engineering: AAA helps organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their processes by analyzing, redesigning, and implementing new processes.
  • Change management: AAA helps organizations to manage the transition to new processes, structures, and systems by developing a change management plan and providing training and support.

Increase effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, that drive market share gain, and profitability.