“Emerging Victoriously Elite” Event

3-1Who:   Richard A. Oden, Organizational Leadership, Executive, Business and Life Coach in

Collaboration with Allen Entrepreneurial Institute (AEI) and Conference Center:

What:  “Emerging Victoriously Elite” Event

Where: Allen Entrepreneurial Institute and Conference Center

3235 Evans Mills Rd. Lithonia, Georgia 30038

When:  Starting Thursday January 26, 2017

Time:   8 hours of High Impact, Intensive Leadership, Personal and Professional Growth Empowerment Interactive Coaching (Each session is 2 hours totaling 8 hours)

Contact:  770-860-8442
Email: info@alexander-atta.com or www.alexander-atta.com

Richard is releasing his proven time tested interactive life changing three point cornerstone approach strategy to personal and professional growth self-empowerment. It’s an intensive high impact, life realization enhancement, practical process that gets favorable results! It’s designed to show you how to connect your conscious mind together with its unique tag-team partner the subconscious to attract desired results faster.

Become a part of the self-empowerment change movement!

Program materials                                                                                                             

Each Emerging Victoriously Elite Event participant will receive a program workbook guide, a free copy of Richard’s Moving Beyond Appearance book or a copy of NY best seller “Change 9 Book Series where Richard is featured as one of twenty global co-authors and other relevant informational and insightful handouts

Added value: As an added value each participant will get up to 15 minutes of telephone executive, business and/or life coaching session opportunity upon the successful completion of event. As an added added-value; for an additional fee participants may elect to receive from Richard up to one (1) hour of telephone coaching.

Benefits of this Program:

  • You will be developing and learning how to utilize the power of your mind, by developing and practicing proven strategies on how to establish and maintain the right attitude for success.
  • You will be working on time tested proven approaches for setting realistic and reachable goals and objectives.
  •  You will learn how to put into place a flexible and workable time-table that will work specifically for you – thus allowing you to go at your own pace.
  • You will learn how to improve your time management skills.
  • You will become even more aware of how to handle conflict and deal with difficult people while working to achieve win-win results.
  • You will practice utilizing daily words that will help you improve your communication skills.
  • You will gain invaluable life changing personal and professional success principles
  • You will learn and practice proven realization strategies for personal and life empowerment change
  • You will learn methods on how to improve one’s self-esteem, build self-confident and self-actualization
  • You will learn proven strategies on how to find your zone or purpose driven talent
  • You will learn and practice techniques on how to uncover your acres of diamonds
  • You will learn how to unearth your starting point to personal power, success and achievements
  • You will learn strategies on how to overcome and bounce back from setbacks and negative situations
  • You will learn techniques on how to reprogram your thinking and increase your personal value
  • You will learn and practice the power of crystallization and imagination
  • You will learn time management strategies that will launch you onto a pathway to becoming more effective

These are a few of the many benefits accomplished by enrolling into “Emerging Victoriously Elite” Event.

For an investment of only 480 minute at $0.8333 per minute or $399.89, each participant success will totally depend upon their individual ability and willingness to make a commitment to one-self, to step out the box of limitation, self-doubt, and procrastination, stop being indecisive and living with ongoing fear.

Should you atone from these negations; then Emerging Victoriously Elite can help you! There again, providing you are ready, willing and able to make this pledge then Emerging Victoriously Elite will guide you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation that will literally touch every area in your life and the way you live it!  God bless you and keep from any hurt, harm and danger!

If you are not satisfied we’ll refund you every penny of your self-investment – no questions asked!


100% Guaranteed!