Alexander At’Ta offers a comprehensive portrait of skills, talent, knowledge, know-how, practical real time experiences and services to our valued clients.  Our deployment of staff and our unique collaboration with independent consultants and partners affords us an opportunity to offer the best content experts in the industry.



Consulting and Coaching

  • Government Relations, Policy Creation and Implementation
  • Organizational Leadership, Business, Executive and Personal Life Coaching
  • Management Development, Customer Service Strategy Development and Sales Effectiveness Development
  • Brand Management and Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation

“Emerging Victoriously Elite” Event 2017

Richard is releasing his proven time tested interactive life changing three point cornerstone approach strategy to personal and professional growth self-empowerment. It’s an intensive high impact, life realization enhancement, practical process that gets favorable results! It’s designed to show you how to connect your conscious mind together with its unique tag-team partner the subconscious to attract desired results faster.

Become a part of the self-empowerment change movement!

You’re Success

The Alexander At’Ta team sends out a call of action. The message of attitude, achievement and action is the strong triple theme of the Alexander At’Ta Team and founder Richard Oden’s keynote speeches and interactive seminar presentations.



Performance and Productivity Enhancements

  • Process and Organizational Policy Development, Organizational Leadership Development, Change Management and Time Management Study and Implementation
  • Creating High Performance Teams/Team Building
  • Performance Management and Appraisals

With our professional help with business, government experience, we’ll share our success of extensive knowledge and practical experience through our enthusiastic presentation style. Also, we’re going to offer a complete 360 degree view of what it takes to succeed in business and government as well as provide the practical tools to improve performance and productivity within your small business, corporation and government.